Valentine Gifts for Truckers

You love your truck driver and you want him to be as comfortable as possible while he is on the road, away from family and friends. Purchasing creative Valentine’s Day gifts allows him to take some of the comforts of home along. There are a number of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that make life easier, or more comfortable, for truckers. Some of the Valentine’s Day gifts require a cigarette lighter to operate.

Espresso maker
Portable espresso machines are an ideal gift for truck drivers. Espresso machine manufacturers, such as Bertone and Velox, produce lightweight, plastic espresso makers that plug into a truck’s cigarette lighter. They come with long cords so the machine rests safely on the floor, between the seats or in the bunk area of the truck.

Massage Cushions

Massage cushions and massaging seat toppers are among the practical Valentine gifts for truckers. The Shiatsu Vibrating and Kneading Massage Cushion, from HoMedics, requires a vehicle’s cigarette lighter to operate. This Valentine’s Day gift idea straps directly onto the driver’s seat. It has four massage nodes that roll up and down the trucker’s back, providing a Shiatsu-style massage. It also has a vibrating massage option. The 10-Motor Massaging Seat Topper, from Brookestone, also attaches directly to the driver’s seat. The remote-controlled, heated massage cushion has three massage programs that massage the upper, middle and lower back. It also massages the upper and lower thighs.

Hot and Cold Snack Box
Mini-refrigerators often serve a dual purpose as Valentine’s Day gifts for truck drivers. The Hot and Cold Snack Box, manufactured by Sharper image, has a nine-foot long cord so the compact unit can safely rest in the truck’s bunk. It weighs eight pounds and measures 16 1/2×91/2×7 ½ inches. A larger size is available. The portable cooler is programmable so it can keep food warm and beverages cold. For drivers who prefer to keep the mini-fridge in the front of the truck, the cooler has a slide proof lid with two cup holders. The Wagan 2260 is a similar product. However, it also comes with a shoulder strap and a padded cover so it doubles as an armrest.

Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer

Among health conscious Valentine’s Day gift ideas for truckers is a portable air purifier. Truck drivers spend many hours sitting in the cab of the truck inhaling fumes. The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer and Surround Air XJ-600 capture auto exhaust fumes, dust and tobacco smoke. These air purifiers circulate fresh air back into the truck cab. The Ionic Breeze Dashboard Ionizer has a pass-through socket so another device can share the power source.