Trucking Job After Being Fired

Being fired from your current job is disappointing and often a blow to your ego and sense of self-worth. Getting a job after being fired can be especially difficult since most employers ask why you are no longer with the last company you worked for. While it may seem impossible to obtain work after being fired, it’s not if you learn how to get a trucking job after being fired.

Obtain your license. Complete a training course that prepares you to get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) since this license is a requirement for all trucking jobs in the United States. Take the written and practical exams at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) after completing the course. Pass a medical exam and receive your CDL license.

Seek out references. Find people willing to serve as references who can attest to your work experience and personal character. Ask old employers prior to the one who fired you, or look for business owners or leaders of civic groups you’ve worked with who can serve as references. Don’t use family members or close friends, though.

Volunteer to gain experience. Contact local nonprofit organizations in your community to see if they have a need for volunteers with a CDL. For example, food banks often need truck drivers to transport food in large trucks from a warehouse to a soup kitchen or distribution center while other groups need volunteers to drive around a large truck or trailer to collect donations from people in the community. Volunteering with your CDL gives you the opportunity to get experience as well as gain positive references if you do a good job.

Search for open positions. Look online at popular websites such as Career Builder and Monster for open trucking jobs. Check the career section of major trucking companies that transport goods in your community or across the U.S. such as J.B. Hunt, Swift and CR England. Submit an application or your resume to be considered for the job. Network with local farmers, transportation companies and manufacturing companies since they often have trucking jobs available.

Be honest about your past. Tell the truth about your last job when interviewing for a trucking job. If they ask why you left, explain that you were terminated. Your reason for leaving can easily be checked, and if caught lying you surely won’t get the job. When you do talk about your past job, be positive and admit to the mistakes you made which led to you getting fired. Discuss what steps you’ve taken to learn from these mistakes and ensure they won’t happen again.

Start your own company. If you can’t find a trucking job, you always have the option of starting your own trucking company. While this requires start-up funds along with purchasing at least one truck to use in your company, the potential to earn more than just a salary exists if you can grow and expand the business by taking on more clients and transportation jobs. Plus, you don’t have to explain to anyone why you got fired.