Fleet Cleaning

Cleaning fleets of trucks is becoming a lucrative business, because the way a truck looks says a lot about how a company runs its business and how it delivers and ships products from place to place. While it used to be done painstakingly with a hose and a crew of people washing, truck fleet cleaning has now become a streamlined process, Businesses all over the country specialize in different types of cleaning for different types of trucks.

Saving Money

Truck Fleet cleaning services help those who own truck fleets save money in a variety of ways. They save on driver down time: A truck can be dropped off at a cleaning center after the driver has done a delivery. It also saves on truck down time, because they are washed after deliveries, when they were going to be out of service anyway. Using a fleet cleaning service means you don’t have to hire people or buy cleaning supplies.

Washing Tools

Most truck fleet cleaning services use high-powered pressure washers to remove grime, dirt and soot that has kicked up onto the truck over long cross-country jaunts. Some pressure washers are strong enough to take graffiti off the side of a truck if necessary. Some centers have hallways with pressure washers mounted from ceiling to floor, like an oversize drive-thru car wash. These pressure washers deliver water mixed with soap and chemicals ideal for removing just about anything from a steel truck cab and trailer.

Mobile Fleet Cleaning

Many fleet cleaning services will go to where the truck is being stored and clean it there, on-site, much like a maid would come and clean a house. This saves the company that owns the truck fleet a lot of money, because otherwise the driver would have to take it back on the clock, costing the company even more money. These mobile cleaners provide their own power washers, soap and chemicals and guarantee a good wash of just about any truck cab, from a five-ton 18-wheeler to a small fleet of cube trucks.