Trucking Salaries

When you are just entering into the trucking industry, you are going to have to “pay your dues” so to speak. The most important factor is getting that one year of driving experience under your belt. After this, you will be able to find enhanced trucking companies offering higher truck driver pay. Once that first year of driving is completed, better trucking job opportunities will open up for you. Depending on many factors such as: the state of the economy, the number of years you have been driving, your safety record, you’re on time record, etc… You will eventually be able to move to a better truck driving job, Just in case the trucking company you are with is not working out (when you first start out, this may be the case.)

Experienced and Time will PAY

Just remember that you will see and hear about those driver jobs paying $100,000 per year…you will be told that you can make $50,000 to $85,000 per year driving a truck and be home every night…and these facts can be true. However, just know that these higher paying truck driving jobs are more difficult to come by, and they are not the trucking jobs that happen over night. To have one of these better paying truck driver jobs takes time, experience and skill. Also, you can imagine that not too many truck drivers quit these types of trucking jobs. You can make very good money in the trucking industry. Just be realistic and do not let anyone set your goals too high.,,,TOO EARLY. You will have to “pay your dues” and build up your experience and driving skills.