Horrific Things some Driver’s Do

I understand that we are not the greatest driver and sometimes make mistakes when driving, however there are some drivers that doing dreadful things.

Turn Signal
NO TURN SIGNAL-Turn signals are meant to help other drivers understand what you are going to do next. Help us all out by using your turn signal each and every time you are going to turn or switch lanes.
WRONG TURN SIGNAL-If you are changing lanes understand which lane you are going to go then use turn signal accordingly. NOT TURNING TURN SIGNAL OFF -It wasn’t until pulled off of the exit that this person finally figured out that their left hand turn signal had been on the whole time and they shut it off.


DRIVING WHILE DOING OTHER THINGS-Putting on makeup, combing your hair, shaving, brushing teeth those are all things you should do in the bathroom.
SITTING AT GREEN LIGHTS, RUNNING RED LIGHTS– In the same vein running red lights is simply crazy and dangerous and even with the red light cameras that are out and about I still see so many drivers. I hope that this helps us all to drive a little better. Really it’s just simple rules of the road. Can’t we all just drive together?