How does a truck driver know where to go?

These days everything is computerized. Eighteen wheelers are no exception. MOST trucks are equipped with a QUALCOMM™ Satellite System. OR some other type of satellite system to enable trucking companies to track their trucks to within three blocks anywhere in the country! These trucks now are highly stylish. Qualcomm is a messaging system with GPS built in which is tied into the truck’s computer and allows trucking companies to track where the driver is at, monitor the truck, and send and receive messages with the driver similar to email. It shows you within a few short blocks of where you are at about 3 blocks or so. It may be much closer now. You access the Qualcomm from inside the truck using what looks like a computer keyboard and screen. Each company can set it up to their own needs.
Truck drivers now do not have much need of a telephone. When the trucking company gets a load from a customer they then send a message over the satellite which the driver gets in his truck on an on-board computer telling him/her where to go and when to be there. It also tells the driver how many miles it is to the customer, directions, and any other pertinent information requested by that customer. New advances in technology are greatly enhancing the life of a trucker. These computers are getting very intricate. A trucking company can track how fast the truck is moving as it is moving, how long it has been on the move, fuel economy, idle time, engine rpm, and on and on! It is amazing what has come and what is upcoming soon!