Dispute Innacurate Information on your DAC Report Repair

There may be Inaccurate, negative, and possibly damaging information on your DAC Report and you
might not even know it. In some instances this information could cost you money, a raise, or even a job.
The only true way to know what carriers are saying about you, Is to order your FREE report.
Our DAC Disputing Services
We work diligently in reviewing, verifying, and correcting negative and inaccurate information from your
DAC Report, The only ones who can remove the information is the company that put it on there. We
work closely with HireRight and thousands of trucking companies on your behalf in order to correct and
update your DAC Employment History File. We make them prove that their entry and claim is valid. If the
company you worked for fails to verify your disputed claim within 30 days, then this item will be removed
from your DAC Report. Not all trucking companies use DAC services, but the majority of all US carriers
do use this service and reports such information as the dates you worked for that carrier, driver
status (this is the type of driver you were, Owner Op, Company Driver, etc..), lanes you ran
(regional, 48 states, local), and types of equipment and freight you hauled. This information is
basic and just lets your potential employers know what kind of experience you have. The part of
your DAC that has the biggest impact on whether or not a carrier moves further into the hiring
process are the more personalized questions such as Eligibility for Rehire, Reson For Leaving,
Your Work Record, Accident/Incident History, and Drug and Alcohol.
Why Use Us?
When disputing inaccuracies with HireRight you only have one chance to get the information corrected or
removed. Once the information has been deemed verified, it will be almost impossible to get it changed.
With our unique strategies, knowledge of the trucking industry, and relationships with HireRight and the
majority of the nations carriers we can not only save you time but can definitely save you money, and
improve your image. We offer 100% satisfaction and a money back guarantee to all our clients. Its Time
you stand up for yourself, Take A Stand Against HireRIght