Driver Careers

Route driver careers involve transporting people or items according to an assigned route. If you enjoy driving and being able to travel during working hours, you may want a career as a route driver. All you need are a valid driver’s license, a chauffeur’s license or a commercial driver’s license, and a clear driving record. You will receive training on how to operate the vehicle, safety rules and the route you will be responsible for driving.
Shuttle Bus Drivers
If you want to transport a small amount of people at a time, consider a route driver career as a shuttle bus driver. These vehicles usually carry up to 16 passengers at a time and are used by hotels, airports and car dealerships. If you work for a hotel, your route consists of driving passengers back and forth between the hotel and the airport and assisting them with loading and unloading their luggage. Airports use shuttle bus drivers to pick up passengers to transport them to and from parking lots and the airport.
More route driver careers that involve driving a shuttle bus include tour guides, who take passengers on scheduled routes and answer questions, and working for hospitals that provide transportation for patients. Hospitals employ shuttle drivers to transport patients who are disabled or unable to drive, and you may be required to assist them as they board. Although the salary for this route driver career varies, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary was $21,550 in May 2008.

Package Delivery Drivers

Driving a truck is another route driver career. You can work as a delivery driver who picks up and delivers packages in a specific region along a specified route. You load your truck with packages to be delivered to businesses and households along a certain route and pick up packages and take them back to a distribution center to be shipped. Your duties include handling receipts and payments, and depending on the load, you may have assistance from another employee. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for package delivery drivers was $27,000 in May 2008.
Transit Bus Drivers
Another route driver career involves operating transit or intercity buses. This position requires picking up and dropping off passengers at stops on a designated route and sticking to a schedule. You interact with customers regularly because you are responsible for collecting fares and answering questions about routes and directions. You record your daily trips and submit trip reports, as well as reporting mechanical problems or significant delays in your schedule. As a bus driver, you need a passenger vehicle endorsement on your driver’s license that involves passing a written examination and skills test. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for bus drivers was $34,000 in May 2008.