Department of Transportation Jobs

The Department of Transportation, however, is still hiring in many areas. They have a wide variety of jobs available in most states. They provide a great benefits package and a competitive starting wage. Department of Transportation jobs are typically not at risk of layoff because they are at the core of transportation safety and security.

There are eight basic types of jobs with the Department of Transportation:
1) transportation specialists, who keep track of the operations, facilities and practices of transportation carriers;
2) air traffic controllers, who work out of airports nationwide;
3) engineers, who are needed in almost all parts of the department;
4) rail inspectors, whose jobs are physically challenging but essential;
5) aviation safety inspectors, who inspect all aircraft;
6) motor carrier safety specialists, who inspect large trucks;
7) information technology specialists, who utilize all the latest in technology

To start the process of getting a job with the Department of Transportation, check list of available jobs on the department website. Read the job announcement carefully to make sure you are fully qualified for the position. Then complete the online application provided through the website. You’ll need an electronic copy of your resume and cover letter when filling out the application.

The benefits of working for the Department of Transportation include health insurance (including dental and vision), life insurance, disability insurance, retirement, sick leave, holidays, paid vacation, family leave, telecommuting options, transit subsidies, fitness centers, wellness programs, recognition programs, child care facilities, child care and elder care assistance, tuition assistance programs and employee assistance counseling.

Special Circumstances
If you have a disability, submit your resume to the DOT Operating Administration Human Resources office. The Department of Transportation is an equal opportunity employer. You will need to show that your disability will not prevent you from performing the tasks of the position you are applying for.

Most jobs with the Department of Transportation require a college degree, special training or specific past work experience. Be sure to read the job requirements and qualifications carefully before applying. Some of the positions require you to be able to travel, and others are location specific.