Truck Freights

The most common way to ship freight continues to be by tractor trailer. While there are hundreds of trucking companies in the U.S., not all provide services to transfer all types of freight. Understand the main types of freight and what your exact needs are will aid greatly in your search for a transportation company
LTL stands for “less than truck load” and is the most common type of freight. Using a trucking company to ship an LTL load is usually the most cost-effective means to ship freight and most U.S.-based trucking companies offer LTL services. LTL services are most commonly used for well-packed freight that weighs up to 8,000 pounds.
TL stands for “truck load” and is freight that weighs more than 8,000 pounds or takes up the majority of the space in a tractor trailer. Most TL loads are picked up and delivered by the same truck. Unlike an LTL load truck, a truck that delivers a TL load only has to stop at one location to deliver its load. This makes the delivery time for TL quicker than LTL deliveries.
Air Truck
For freight that is fragile or delicate, Air Truck services are often used. These trucks provide a smoother ride, which helps prevent shipping damages and potential loss. Though more expensive than other types of freight, Air Truck freight is a safer choice when shipping delicate objects.
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