Hauling Services

We don’t think much of hauling services in our daily lives, but they are crucial to our civilization. When the trash is piling up, who are you going to call? If you’ve ever tried to get rid of a microwave, refrigerator or air conditioner, you know the true value of hauling companies. There are laws and regulations that need to be followed, and they know all of the details about how to get rid of these types of items properly.
There are many different types of hauling services. Some companies haul away rubbish and remainders that are left after a construction project is completed, while others haul trash for major businesses and apartment complexes. Additionally, hauling services include tow truck businesses, moving services and vehicle transporters (hauling a car, boat, RV or other large vehicle cross country or overseas).
Who Hires Hauling Services?
Large retail businesses like Wal-Mart and Home Depot who get rid of a lot of trash and unneeded rubbish need hauling services frequently. They have dumpsters behind their stores that get filled with trash quickly and need to be taken away on a regular basis, sometimes daily. There are also boxes, recyclables and broken items that can’t be put back on the sales floor or returned. Apartment complexes are also frequent customers of hauling services. Residents have to dump their garbage in one common dumpster, which needs to be emptied frequently. Other customers of hauling services include individuals who are moving, building crews and municipalities who are responsible for removing trash created by their residents.
Hauling Equipment
Hauling services usually require a large investment in equipment, namely trucks and hauling tools. A rubbish and trash hauler will need specialized dumpster trucks that are built to pick up entire dumpsters and either empty them or haul them away. Towing businesses have to purchase wreckers, which are the tow trucks equipped with tow bars that allow the driver to drag an automobile behind using its own wheels, and flatbed tow carrier trucks that pull cars, SUVs and motorcycles up onto a flat surface for hauling. There are also heavy-duty tow trucks that are powerful enough to pull huge trailer trucks. Moving services and vehicle transporters usually employ standard trailer trucks to perform hauling duties.
Hauling services will forever be needed. The standard individual does not have the equipment or capacity to haul items on his own. Commercial locations have to keep up with state and local laws regarding trash removal, so they must keep ongoing contracts with hauling services.
Starting a Hauling Service Business
If looking into this type of business, it’s important to remember that hauling is hard work that usually requires a serious physical commitment from the owner and employees. Many hauling services get their business from customer referrals and by advertising their services on their hauling trucks, as in the case of U-Haul