salvex in its best!

Salvex is a tool for asset recovery insurance and transportation professionals to sell their salvage goods. The advantage of using our services is immediate financial recovery for unwanted commercial merchandise. We sell most of our products online at which is backed by a large comprehensive buyer database. We do not require you to go online, simply call us, fax, or e-mail the information; we will create a listing and give your damaged products immediate exposure to the international salvage market place.

We work quickly to solicit bids and determine a high bidder in our auction format. Our experience is based on a 40 year history in the industry giving us the ability to handle all types of commercial products.

Agriculture,Building Materials,Chemicals & Minerals,Commercial Equipment,Computers and Technology,Consumer Goods,Foods & Beverages,Marine,Metals,Paper & Pulp,Plastics & Rubber,Textiles, andTransportation.

After handling over 20,000 salvage deals globally, Salvex has developed relationships with adjusters, inspectors and marine surveyors. Salvex has utilized these contacts and experts to offer back inspection work from our major clients. The experience with these individuals, backed by an enterprise claims software, allows Salvex to offer tools that give their clients a competitive advantage.