Pennsylvania turnpike seeks input from truckers on All Electronic Tolling

Calling all truckers who use the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission launched an online survey Aug. 4 for its cash-paying customers as part of a year-long feasibility study to determine what impact a potential conversion to a cashless All Electronic Tolling (AET) system would have on motorists and turnpike operations.

The survey quickly drew 10,000 responses from four-wheelers, but only 100 so far from cash-paying truckers.

The survey will continue online until Aug. 22, 2011 and the respondents can win a $100 Sunco gift card.

The turnpike panel said AET would allow all Pennsylvania Turnpike customers to pay without slowing down or stopping.

With AET, traditional tollbooths would be removed and everyone would pay electronically with E-ZPass or new payment options that would be developed for non-E-ZPass customers. These new options would involve capturing an image of a license plate and billing the registered owner of the vehicle for the tolls.

The survey, which takes only about eight minutes to complete online, can be accessed at It includes questions on subjects such as turnpike travel habits, payment-method preferences and perceptions, possible toll-rate structures and other cashless-tolling queries