How to Transport a Truck

Whether purchasing a new truck, selling an old one or moving your truck with you, finding the best transportation for your investment is essential. The vehicle transportation industry is huge and filled with both very helpful, and not so helpful, professionals and advice. Between professional resources and the do-it-yourself options available, choosing the right option can be difficult and confusing. Fortunately, choosing the best option for your needs requires little more than some research and the proper documentation.


Research the companies. Before you commit to a professional, check the company’s reputation through the Better Business Bureau and through customer reviews via the Internet and phone. Contact the companies via phone to get answers to all your questions regarding delivery radius, costs and necessary documentation.

Select the method of transportation. Many transport services offer two types of delivery. The first being transportation via tractor-trailer, the second being a hotshot truck. Tractor-trailer transportation tends to be cheaper but can be difficult to arrange. Tractor-trailers carry 40-foot-long trailers and have limited turning capabilities. This makes navigating residential locations difficult, requiring parties to meet somewhere else, like an open parking lot. Hotshot trucks, which are pickup truck-style transports, provide faster delivery and easier pick ups, but are more costly as they only carry one or two trucks per load.

Prepare the truck for transport. Collect all your necessary documentation and save it in a folder or other safe place. Make sure the truck is clean of all your personal property and keep an extra set of keys available in case of emergency.

Transport the truck. Arrange to arrive at the agreed upon meeting place at least 30 minutes early. This will give you a time buffer in case of unforeseen circumstances or an early pick up. Give all the necessary paperwork to the transport driver.