How to Ride Public Transportation in Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, long hailed as one of Canada’s most beautiful cities, also boasts one of its most efficient public transportation systems. Since no major freeway serves its downtown area, a series of ferries, buses and a light rail system serves commuters.

Take a bus operated by Translink, the Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority. The company offers buses powered by diesel or natural gas and trolley buses. Some buses have comfortable, padded seats, wheelchair access and bike racks. The electric trolley buses run on major routes connecting to downtown Vancouver. Regular transit buses feed into other routes and services, including SkyTrain.

Ride the SkyTrain, an elevated train system which serves metropolitan Vancouver and extends as far as the suburbs of Surrey, New Westminister and Burnaby. This modern, high-speed service debuted at the 1986 Expo. It will eventually expand to include service to the Vancouver International Airport.

Buy a ticket for commuter rail service to downtown Vancouver from the suburbs. The West Coast Express offers these rides, with connecting bus service for passengers who live in outlying areas. The West Coast Express operates Monday thru Friday only.

Enjoy the free Albion Ferry as you travel between the North and South sides of the Fraser River. This service offers frequent trips between Maple Ridge and Surrey and other points.

Use the SeaBus service to reach Vancouver’s North Shore. Two terminals serve passengers with catamaran style ferries from downtown.

Obtain a ticket for all TransLink services from vending machines, or buy a pass if you work downtown or plan to visit Vancouver for an extended period. Check out the Vancouver TransLink website for more information and current prices.– Looking for Jobs