How to reinstate your revoked driver license in Tennessee

The first step to getting your drivers license reinstated is to provide proof of at least liability insurance on your vehicle. I find that safe auto and progressive give the best quotes.

Once you get your proof of liability insurance, you need to print off a temporary card or wait for yours in the mail and move onto step 2.

Now you need to pay the reinstatement fee. Right now the fee is $140. You can pay the fee online at with any major check card or credit card. Once you pay the fee, you need to move onto step 3.

As long as you have proof of liability insurance and have paid the fee, you can now fax your proof of liability insurance with your revoked or suspended drivers license number written on it to the TN Dept of Safety. The fax number for this is (615)253-2093 .

Once you fax it over to them, you should get confirmation that they received all your required information within 3 business days. If it takes longer than that, it is best to call them to confirm that they received it. After you receive confirmation, you need to schedule a time to go to your nearest DMV and take the test to receive another license if yours is revoked and not suspended.

When you go to the DMV on your date, make sure you take 2 forms of identification. These can include your birth certificate and social security card etc… Government ID is best and unquestionable. When you get all your paperwork done and take the test, you just have to pay the small fee to get your new driver license and that’s it. Just don’t get it revoked or suspended again. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time.