How to Get Started in Hotshot Trucking

Freight companies normally hire and use huge semi-trailer trucks when transporting goods across the country. Hotshot trucking refers to using trucks that are smaller than a semi-trailer. Hotshot trucking takes up less space than a semi-trailer, the ride is more smooth, and looking for contract work Is much less of a hassle. In this article you will easily learn how to get started in hotshot trucking by learning what kind of truck to buy and how to look for work.

Determine who you will be hauling for. Leasing yourself and your rig to a trucking company is the preferred route to making fast and easy profits. Trucking companies find all the loads for you and take care of any bills and collections due. Normally you keep eighty percent of the profits, while they keep twenty percent which is a good deal.

Contact the terminal manager of the company you chose to work with. Submit to him your application and wait to get accepted. Once you get accepted he will send you out for a complete medical exam and a drug test which you must pass. This process can take a day or two.

Purchase your trailer. Buy your rig only after you get accepted by the company you chose to haul for. This is because you want to buy a rig that meets their requirements. The best and affordable type of rig you should buy is one that is 10.71 tons, spring loaded dove tail, dual tire and a tandem axle. These specifications will meet most shippers’ requirements.

Buy your truck. Your truck has to be a dually and diesel. If it isn’t diesel, trade it for one that is. A gas engine will not last long enough to complete those numerous trips you will be assigned to do. Get the biggest and longest truck which has four-wheel drive if you can afford it. Longer trucks will make your ride better compared to the short ones. Also make sure the cabin is spacious so you can sleep in it after completing a long drive. Keep your truck simple and don’t spend too much on designs.

Get your truck and trailer inspected by the United States Department of Transportation. After the DOT inspects your truck and trailer, you will receive stickers that say your truck and trailer have met their requirements. It is important that you make sure you get the correct inspection or your trucking company will send you back. Now you are ready to report to your terminal manager for your first job. Bring a notebook so you can write down what they want you to do and not forget anything.