How to Find Van Insurance

Securing van insurance can be more challenging than getting auto insurance. With some preparation and research, however, the process of insuring your van can be a smooth process.

Before purchasing van insurance, you must have the specifics of your vehicle available. Have the vehicle identification number and match the written number to the vehicle itself. Common identification locations on vans include the windshield and inside of the driver side door. While the VIN number provides many of the vehicle details, some van specifics might not be included.

Determine whether your van has a complete or incomplete chassis. An incomplete chassis is a vehicle built with most of its parts but completed without adding additional passenger and accessory vehicle features. Incomplete chassis vehicles are generally sold to companies that modify the vehicle to meet their needs. These vans might be used as buses, delivery trucks or other custom vehicles. While some vans can be easily spotted as incomplete chassis, others might not. Your insurance representative can assist you, if necessary.

Once you have determined your vehicle’s chassis, determine your van’s use. Insurance companies will want to know how you intend to use the van. The vehicle can used for daily commuting purposes, leisurely trips or business, to name a few. Determining its use will help your insurance representatives determine whether your vehicle requires a personal auto policy or a commercial insurance policy.

Compare rates. If you have insurance on a vehicle, your current agent or company might be able to assist you. Most carriers provide multivehicle discounts for insuring more than one vehicle on a policy. Ask for a quote with adding the van to your current policy. Obtain insurance rates from other insurance companies. Compare the rates to the rate from your current carrier.

Purchase your policy. Select a policy with a carrier that meets your coverage needs, has a secure claims history and has a stable financial foundation. Review the carrier’s history if you are unfamiliar with your choices. Financial stability information for insurance companies and carriers are available for review with A.M. Best. A.M. Best is the leading rater of insurance companies and financial institutions providing information on companies worldwide.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive your new business policy information. Upon receipt, review the information in detail to ensure accuracy. If you find inaccurate information, contact your agent or carrier representative and provide them with the updated information. Keep a copy of your policy identification card in your vehicle at all times.