How to Find the Fastest Driving Route to a Long Distance Destination

Careful thought and planning which route to take when traveling across state lines can save a lot of time and stress. Many tools exist online to help find directions to any place in the United States, but it does not always show you the best way. With a little extra research, you can find the best and fastest route for your trip.


Choose the destination that you will be traveling to. Use the Internet to find driving directions to that destination from your beginning destination.

Research the main roads you will be spending the majority of the time on using the Internet. Many states have websites that provide construction information that is useful for anticipating traffic delays and planning around them.

Find alternate route possibilities in areas where there is construction. Many construction areas will still let traffic through at a decent pace, but there are some that will bring traffic to almost a dead halt.

Look for turnpikes that may be faster than the regular highway. Turnpikes may cost a little money, but are usually well worth it if they shorten your driving time.


Keep a map in the car with you at all times during the trip. This will come in handy if you do have to take an alternate route and need to find your way back to the main road.