How Do I Start a Light Pickup Truck Delivery Busines

If you have a reliable pickup truck and good driving skills, a light delivery service might be the perfect small business for you. You will need to make a few decisions about the particulars of the delivery service you want to provide and be sure to get special licensing as needed. Follow these steps to get started and start delivering.

Set your location. Determine what area you will cover. Consider routes, gas prices, traffic patterns and the time it will take to drive from one section of your delivery area to another. All of these factors will affect how much money and time you spend on each delivery.

Figure out your load limits. How much weight can your truck safely carry? Figure out the weight limit and make sure you have the materials you need, such as bungee cords and rope or other methods of fastening the cargo. Figure out how much you are going to charge for the amount of cargo you carry and the distance.

Brainstorm. Think about all the cargo you might be able to carry. Do you have a particular specialization in mind, or are you willing to haul whatever needs to be hauled? Thinking about your options will help you determine how to market your business.

Look into licensing. You probably need a business license from your local or state government, and you may need a commercial driver’s license to provide professional delivery service. Call your local chamber of commerce or the secretary of state’s office in your state for help.

Get the word out. Once you’ve set your delivery area, your load limits and your prices, you need to spread the word about your delivery business. Distribute fliers, call businesses who might be interested in your service, and let friends and family members know about it so they can spread the word as well.