HireRight Solutions Committed violations on Federal Credit Report Reporting Act

HireRight Solutions of Tulsa, OK, a well-known employment screening company used by countless trucking companies, has agreed to pay a $2.6 million penalty for numerous violations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. HireRight settled on Aug. 8, the same day the complaint was filed.

Mitchell J. Katz, senior public affairs specialist at the Federal Trade Commission, told Land Line that “thousands” of consumers were affected because of inaccuracies on their criminal background reports, commonly referred to in the trucking industry as DAC reports.

Anthony Rodriguez of the Bureau of Consumer Protection for the FTC told Land Line that the investigation dates back approximately three to five years.

In addition to the $2.6 million civil penalty, Rodriguez said HireRight must provide reports to the FTC about how the company is complying with the Federal Credit Reporting Act, as well as with record-keeping compliance.

“We determined that they failed to ensure accurate information, they failed to provide notices and they failed to conduct proper investigations when consumers tried to dispute information,” Rodriguez said.

“The FTC alleges that in many cases, when it provided consumer reports to employers, HireRight Solutions failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that the information in the reports was current and reflected updates, such as the expungement of criminal records, according to the FTC release.

Rodriguez said that drivers who may have inaccuracies on their reports are urged to contact the FTC.

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