Free product test, oil to Canadian trucking companies

Revolution Oil is offering qualified trucking companies in Canada the opportunity to test its HI-TEK25 product for free. In addition, the Mooresville, N.C.-based firm is offering qualified Canadian companies an ongoing Pay for Performance option that would include providing oil free of charge. The corresponding savings on fuel costs are then shared, and under the program, companies will not have to pay for oil, the company says.

“Revolution Oil believes it can successfully access the trucking fleets
throughout Canada and help reduce the rising fuel prices that have been known to cripple trucking companies finances,” officials said in a release.

Caledonia, Ont.-based TransRep has been helping Revolution Oil in the promotion and sales in Canada.

“This business model is certainly unique. Revolution Oil has warranty letters from all the major engine players to back this product,” said Kim Richardson, president of TransRep. “For any trucking company, oil is a major expense to the bottom line.”

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