Factor with Freight Check

Freight Check is the company that aids in freight factoring. The company provides fast and reliable solutions in the line. The professional and well trained staff at Freight Check makes the freight factoring experience for you a pleasant one. There are a number of features that make Freight Check shine among its competitors:

1.       Freight Check holds expertise in serving Small Trucking Companies and Owner Operators. It helps the newly started company to get introduced to new reliable brokers; they will provide the required credit to take care of the initial start up of the business. An accountant service can also be availed to maintain your business accounts. The online credit check and reports help you to control everything that is factored.

2.       The cash requirement is met immediately with the same day funding feature by the Freight Check. When the bill is purchased the complete payment against the bill is done, unlike other factoring companies which hold the part of the funds in reserve account. The fee applied for bills purchasing is same for all the bills and the money against the bills is deposited to the Comcheck directly or over the phone.

3.       The Freight Check provides you with your Comchek cards for free. This card can be issued to your company or your truck drivers. The card will help you keep track of all the transactions that are done with the card like ATM withdrawals, debit transactions, phone calls etc.

4.       The company provides you the flexibility to choose a certain broker of which all the freight bills are automatically factored by the Freight Check in future, unless you stop the process. The Account Management center of this factoring company also provides credit information of all important brokers so that you can be aware of the broker you will be hauling for.

5.       There is no minimum and maximum limit that should be factoring every month.

6.       The Freight Check also provides complete administration support such as correspondence, invoicing, fuel cards entry, accounts and reporting.

7.       There is no close ended contract like for 6 months or 1 year when you use the Freight Check factoring services.

8.       No debt is created only the amount equal to the bills receivables is paid to you. The process only helps you get your money quickly and there is no need for owner operators to wait for 30-60 day periods.

9.       The factoring service is non-recourse.

How to avail the factoring service of Freight Check?

The quick and efficient way to get the funds receivable in your hand within the same day you submit your freight bills is now possible through Freight Check. You can submit your freight bills by simply opening an online account. The user Id and password will be provided to you upon registration. Whenever you want to use the factoring service of the company simply login with the credentials to the Account Management Center of the company. The center will track all the information of your account. You can submit an online factoring application by selecting the particular broker after the delivering of load. You will be funded the full amount same day with the Comchek card.

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