Driving Jobs

Jobs that pay you in cash or allow you to make extra money in cash tips can provide you with a sense of freedom. Walking away from a job each and every day with cash in your pocket gives you immediate access to your money if you need it. Driving jobs that pay cash typically allow you to make most of your cash through tips, although some jobs may require you to become an independent contractor.

Driving Jobs

Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is a popular job choice among many high school students because it allows them to make some extra spending cash on a daily basis. Many adults have likewise realized the benefits of pizza delivery as a way to generate regular cash. Pizza delivery drivers typically make an hourly wage and obtain the rest of their money through cash tips. Some companies will reimburse you for mileage also. According to Payscale.com, pizza delivery drivers made an hourly wage of between $6.31 and $7.76 in October 2010, while taking home an additional $2.45 to $6.00 per hour in cash tips.

Chauffeurs and Taxi Drivers
Chauffeurs also make cash tips as part of their compensation. Most chauffeurs work for limousine companies and are hired to drive others around to their chosen destinations. Chauffeurs often work during special events like concerts and may find themselves driving around celebrities or other well-to-do individuals. They also work other events like high school proms. Taxi drivers do much of the same in their jobs, except they typically drive sedans or minivans instead of limousines. Taxi drivers pick up passengers from places like airports or hotels and usually transport them a short distance. Taxi drivers tend to be more common in large urban areas where public transportation is commonly used as an alternative to private transportation. According to Payscale.com, chauffeurs and taxi drivers made an hourly wage of $9.28 to $14.45 in October 2010, while pulling in an additional $2.46 to $6.36 per hour in cash tips.

Urban Paper Route
Another cash-paying job involves delivering newspapers. In large cities, many people buy the morning newspaper on their way to work each morning from newspaper dispensing machines in which they deposit coins in exchange for the newspaper. Some newspaper delivery drivers have routes that consist almost exclusively of these types of machines. Some may also deliver to businesses like convenience stores. Depending on the newspaper’s circulation, these newspaper delivery drivers may collect cash in the form of coins from their dispensers each day. In some cases, collection may occur less frequently. It is difficult to estimate what percentage of pay received by newspaper delivery drivers is in the form of cash since each paper route is different. Payscale.com reports that the total average annual compensation for delivery drivers was $18,322 to $31,074 in October 2010.