Can I Buy Car Insurance for My Old Truck Through the State of Michigan?

Michigan sets guidelines that determine a driver’s eligibility for car insurance. Individual insurance companies also establish underwriting rules that can cause certain drivers and vehicles to be denied auto insurance. Generally, older trucks are covered under a Michigan car insurance policy if they qualify.


An old truck won’t be covered in Michigan if does not meet the state’s safety requirements, or if the proposed auto insurance company’s underwriting rules prohibit insuring older vehicles. Auto insurance companies can determine the underwriting guidelines that best suit company needs as long as they do not discriminate against a potential policy-holder.


According to the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation, “every car owner must buy certain basic coverages in order to register a vehicle in Michigan.” Mandatory coverage includes personal injury protection, property protection insurance and residual liability insurance. This coverage is designed to pay for medical expenses and liability for the insured in the event of an accident.


Some insurance companies specialize in insuring vehicles that have been turned down through other carriers. For example, classic cars or ultra-luxury vehicles require special coverage that not all insurance companies provide. It is often necessary to shop around for the most reasonable rates to insure an old truck, or contact several different Michigan companies to determine the type of coverage they can provide for your vehicle.