Become a freight broker in Pennsylvania

Freight brokers in Pennsylvania build carrier relationships, find capacity, price shipments to secure orders and monitor loads from pickup through to delivery. 

Freight brokers are the vital link between shippers and carriers, tracking freight from pickup to final destination. As experts in shipping regulations and procedures, they’re responsible for negotiating both shipping rates and delivery times. 

Setting up a freight brokerage business for trucking and transportation means being able to fully take responsibility for the entire part of the shipping process. New freight brokers will need a comprehensive understanding of what is required to operate a licensed freight broker business before they start their journey. 

You will need to fulfill several requirements before you can become a freight broker, ideally complete a training course, as well as register a business and apply for a DOT license with the FMCSA. Finally, to continue practicing and maintain your license, you will also need a $75,000 freight broker bond.

Besides the general skills you need to refresh or develop, you might want to attend a freight broker school in order to get fully prepared for the actual requirements of the brokering job.

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