Women Truck Drivers

Is trucking industry’s a man’s world? Certainly, if you had asked this question to anyone fifty years ago, you would have gotten the same sentencing answer: yes, indeed. Leaving aside the exceptions that did not confirm the rule, being a truck driver was not considered a dignifying career for a respectable woman.

Even now, many women choose this career because of the flexible schedules, job availability and call of the open road. Whether they want to escape the routine of an office job or the boredom of their homes, truck driving is not just a job for many ladies rather a real life style. In fact, if there wasn’t a lot of devotion and passion in the cocktail, few women would be willing to assume the dangers of the road just for the money.

Even today, there are certain men who are skeptical about female truck drivers and regard them through old-fashioned spectacles. “You should be at home in the kitchen with kids. This is a man’s world and a man’s job,” women truck drivers are sometimes told. However, this isn’t an obstruction for daring women to assume the dangers of the road.

The Trucker driver challenges the norms of the city as a gendered space because she works and well as because she moves. Running a truck, of course, is not merely a process of learning how to negotiate those city streets with that machine, but of negotiating the internal space of the car.. I wonder and worry about the dangerous people . However empowering it is to learn to drive, being at the vanguard of gender equality and working as a driver is a risky place.