Why we need Women with Drive

The topic of women in the workforce has been and continues to be, a trending topic. Our representation in trucking shadows our male counterparts: federal labor statistics show that women comprise just 27% of the transportation workforce. Overall, women represent only 3% of drivers, technicians, and mechanics. Trucking HR Canada highlighted the lack of women in the trucking workforce as an issue in 2014 when our national Women with Drive advisory committee was formed. The committee is led by 18 accomplished women and men, including company presidents, senior managers, and HR leads.

We came together with a common vision to support employers in recruiting and retaining more women in trucking. With women comprising 48% of the Canadian labor force, this effort isn’t simply a question of “Doing the right thing.” It is first and foremost a business issue for an industry facing significant shortages in key occupations. Occupations from funeral directors to architects have managed to increase women representation over the past couple of years. Each year, we bring transportation professionals together, both men and women, to learn from each other, share success stories, and nurture our networks. We have fun doing it! And each year, there are more young women in attendance. As someone born in 1990 and has attended the event since its inception, here are some of my key takeaways from my experiences at our Women with Drive Leadership Summit: 1. Recruiting and retaining women is a business issue At our event last year, Stephania Varelli from the Women of Influence organization told us that economies do better when women do better.

The Women with Drive Leadership Summit brings together a variety of people in transportation. This diverse mix shows young women, whether they’re in high school or already in the workplace, that a career in our industry is not only an option but a career of choice for many. I hope you’ll join me at our 2018 Women with Drive Leadership Summit, starting with a reception on February 28 and continuing with the full-day event on March 1 in Toronto.

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