Using A Box Truck On Amazon Relay

Serving as Amazon’s freight transportation management system, Amazon Relay allows owner-operators and carriers to work directly with Amazon.

Relay connects small freight carriers straight to available loads to help them quickly grow their businesses. Relay equips trucking companies, fleet owners, and their drivers with everything needed to book and haul loads.Relay has helped thousands of small and mid-sized carriers expand their business through daily access to thousands of loads.

Carriers can use Relay to assign work to drivers, manage rosters, review payments, and analyze performance. Additionally, carriers can post empty capacity with date, time, destination, and price preferences. Relay will automatically assign matching work as it becomes available, so they can invest time growing their business rather than filling out paperwork.

Carriers can be connected to loads from the company’s expansive network of freight. Fleet owners, carriers and drivers are given all the tools they need to start booking and hauling loads right away.

Approved carriers can take advantage of Amazon’s freight offering, giving them access to more than 30,000 spot loads daily through the Amazon load board.

Instead of dealing with emails, phone calls and price haggling, carriers have one central platform to handle the entire process:



Commercial navigation

Detailed load information

In order to haul freight for Amazon through Relay, carriers will need to apply through the self-service onboarding portal. Once approved, carriers can start using the load board to find, book and assign work.

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