Trucking Routing Software

Truck routing software enables trucking companies to run operations that make the best use of equipment, personnel and resources. The result is a saving of time, reduction of the cost of fuel and better customer servicing.
With routing software, employee time is utilized effectively, from regulation considerations to routing administration. In addition, the environment is helped through reduced emissions due to routes that are efficient. Local road condition information can be current and observance of routing regulations in multiple areas preempts fines.

Routing for trucks involves more than just finding the best roads. It also means making sure that the truck will fit on the road. It also includes knowledge of regulations of such things as permits and taxes. The efficient use of the truck includes limiting the number of trips with no loads to carry. Routing can be regional, national or international.

Customers are better served due to an enhanced ability to accommodate and coordinate customers’ wishes. Greater delivery-time efficiency and accuracy is possible. Input allows for increased quality of company decisions.

The software company provides installation, training and maintenance. An inventory of the trucking company resources is made. These include the trucks and personnel. The internet can be used for current planning. The software program should adapt to the the company’s way of operating, not vice versa.

Use of GPS as an integrated part of the routing software provides real time tracking. If the directions turn out to be wrong, then correcting the information and providing new information can be quick and efficient.