Trucking on for an Aid Charity

BELINDA Thorn is giving up her holiday to help an aid charity, but this is no fund-raising trek in an exotic location.

Belinda, from Elmswell, will be driving a 7.5 tonne truck across Europe to distribute everything from wheelchairs to school books and reading glasses to needy people in Kosovo.

The convoy has been organised by Hope and Aid Direct, which works with the Kosovan charity the Mother Theresa Society which advises on where the aid the convoys bring is most desperately needed.

The truck-driving volunteers then deliver it directly to the homes of those who need it.

Belinda, an administrator’s secretary at the trade union Unite, got into it because a friend she served with in the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry had done it before.

“I’ll have a co-driver but the first time I’ll drive the truck will be when I drive out of the car park when we pick it up,” she said. “I’ve driven everything from tractors to a Ferrari, but I’ve not driven a truck.”

She is asking people who want to support the convoy to make donations at

She wants money not goods because Hope and Aid Direct keeps track of the constantly changing needs of the people it helps.

Belinda said: “Last week they needed wheelchairs and the week before it was coathangers.”

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