Trucking company sued for $3.25 million for wreck

CHEMULT — A California trucking company has been sued for $3.25 million in Klamath County Circuit Court by a man injured in a semi-truck collision near Chemult two years ago.On Thursday, Scott Hinojosa, of Jacksonville, filed suit against FDF Trucking, of Indio, Calif., for a wreck March 9, 2016, on Highway 97.
Also named as defendants were FDF Trucking owner Fabian Fernandez, of Indio, Calif., and truck driver Rony Espinoza-Martinez, of Las Vegas, Nev.The suit claims Hinojosa was a passenger in a Dodge sedan traveling on Highway 97 near Chemult in icy conditions when a semi driven by Espinoza-Martinez attempted to pass the Dodge.
This has led to an inability to manage personal affairs and enjoy his life, said the suit.Hinojosa claims Espinoza-Martinez was responsible for driving carelessly in unsafe conditions, Fernandez was responsible for failing to properly train Espinoza-Martinez, and FDF Trucking was responsible as Espinoza-Martinez was on the job at the time.
Hinojosa is seeking $220,000 for current medical expenses, $350,000 for future medical expenses, $50,000 for lost wages, $887,040 for lost earning power and $1.75 million in non-economic damages.