Trucking Company Marketing Ideas

If you’re ready to expand your trucking company’s reach, standard marketing and advertising ideas will work, but research all the options to get your company’s name out there. Targeted marketing often gets you the biggest bang for your buck, while a broader approach can help you reach previously unrealized clientele. And there’s no reason you can’t incorporate both.
Offer special promotions, such as discounts for multiple shipments, or give out bonus miles for shipments above a certain price. Advertise monthly deals or discounts for shipments following an established route–especially if the truck isn’t fully stocked for the trip–similar to how airlines lower prices at certain times to ensure full flights.
Team Up
As a trucking company you can agree to display or hand out brochures of other companies, in return that they’ll do the same for you. Companies you could target range from storage facilities to manufacturers or packing companies.
Beyond radio, TV, Web ads and print, social network sites offer free advertising. Create a Twitter account or a Facebook page. If TV spots seem beyond your budget, create a YouTube commercial. You’re selling your brand, so accentuate what separates your trucking company from the others. If you specialize in certain regions, advertise on Craigslist in those areas.
As the old saying goes, “It takes months to find a new customer … seconds to lose one.” Stay diligent with your existing clientele. Offer discounts to current customers for bringing in new customers. You can also give discounts to clients referring others after a certain number of shipments have been purchased.
Email Marketing
An email marketing service lets you stay in touch with your customers and prospective clients, without doing all the legwork. As of 2010, monthly prices range from $14.99 for up to 500 contacts to $149.99 for 25,000 contacts, so depending on your budget and desired reach, you’ll find a plan to fit your needs.
Rent Out Space
You can utilize the space on the side of your trucks to advertise for charitable causes or events. Next to the charity banner, your company name will be on proud display. Think of it as a mobile or portable billboard, connecting your company to a good cause. You can charge for the space or rent it out for free in exchange for free advertising.