Truck driving an attractive option for new career

Tough economic times are forcing many people to consider new job opportunities.And for some that means leaving the walls of an office or factory behind and hitting the open road.On Thursday night the John Wood truck driver training program held an informational meeting to explain the requirements of getting into the school’s program.Tom Patton of Quincy retired early and has been working part time, but is considering getting back into full time employment.

He says there are several reasons, besides the travel, why truck driving is an attractive option to him.Patton says, ” I’ve always worked with my hands in one form of mechanics or another. And it just seems something different and something I can get my arms around and hopefully I’ll like this.”Teacher Phil Steinkamp says that truck driving is such a great field to get into because there are always opportunities available,, whether you are looking at long hauling trips or shorter ones.

But what many people don’t realize is that a CDL license is needed for a lot of other driving jobs as well.Steinkamp says, ” You need a CDL to deliver for a lumberyard or to make deliveries or to drive a garbage truck. These very people come through the classes also. And these people are home every night and make a very good wage.”Students in the program get access to the latest technology with access to an up to date computer lab, industry standard equipment and professional training from teachers who have been out on the road themselves.

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