Different Truck Types for Different Purposes

All over the world Trucking Industry provides fast and reliable solutions for carrying freight loads and delivering logistics services. To fulfill different task as per the requirement many new innovations and technologies have been introduced in this sector. The Trucks used for varied purposes are designed intricately so that they can perform the jobs efficiently without the loss of the time, material and lives.
There are many different types of trucks meant for different purposes:
Flatbed Truck: As the name suggests the flatbed truck has a complete flat cargo body. There are no sides and roof attached to it. With this truck easy loading and unloading of heavy loads is possible. Construction equipments and a heavy load which have irregular shapes are best to be carried on the flatbed truck. The truck comes in both types rigid and articulated.
Straight Truck or Box Truck: This is the most commonly used type of truck which can perform the transport of usual goods. This truck is known by many different names: Box truck, Bob truck, Cube truck and Cube van. The cargo space of the truck is an enclosed area of cuboid shape. The Straight truck comes in small and big sizes ranging from 4 to 7 m in length. Box Truck Freight is mostly used to haul goods that should be protected from wear and tear through the journey such as furniture and electronic appliances. Panel truck is also a kind of straight truck that does not have any windows on the cargo box. It is used to carry consumer goods like diapers, laundry, tinned food packages etc.
Semi Trailer Truck: The truck is known differently at different places of the world. Semi Tractor truck Prime Mover, Transfer truck and Big-rig are the common names given to the Semi Trailer Truck. The truck is an articulated vehicle which has a towing engine and a semi trailer. There can be possibly more than one trailer attached to one engine. The main feature which makes the trailer truck different from an ordinary truck is that the trailer is not completely attached to the engine but is fixed at one point on the rare axle of the towing engine. It works in such a way that all the weight of the trailer is not put on the towing unit but a part of it is taken up by the connecting axle.
18 Wheeler Truck: This is again a semi trailer truck which has 18 wheels to carry heavy freight
Dump Truck: A dump truck as the name suggests is used to carry the loose materials like gravel and sand. These goods can be easily dumped with the use of Dump truck at the site of their usage such as construction sites. The back of the truck is hinged with an open box bed which runs with hydraulic operation. The bed can be lifted easily to dump the goods on the ground.
Tanker Truck: The truck is widely used to carry liquid freights or bulk cargo. They come in wide ranges as per the need.