Tips for Truckers Buying Truck Insurance

Being a truck driver presents many opportunities to see places that most people never get to see, but it also comes with great responsibilities, like having the best insurance for the truck. Many truck drivers struggle with finding the right insurance that will allow them to work, make a profit, and be covered in case of an accident. Because the trucking industry is so vast, here are some tips for getting the best commercial truck insurance.


The driver should know and understand all the terms of the coverage they are getting. This type of insurance is not like the typical car insurance because it usually has clauses within it that concerns the “cargo” within the truck as well as other aspects of driving that only relate to trucking. The coverage that is chosen should protect the driver, the vehicle, whatever is being carried, and the other car. This may be under the term of “uninsured” or “underinsured” driver. Ideally, the other driver should have their own insurance, but many drivers do not have insurance, so being prepared for that problem is advisable.


The deductibles on the insurance policy will make a big difference if the driver ever needs to use the policy. As with most insurance policies, the deductable determines how much the driver will pay monthly. If the driver decides to have a small deductible of $500, their monthly payments will be significantly higher than the driver who has a deductable of $10,000. On the other hand, if both drivers are in an accident, the driver with the higher monthly payments will only have to pay the $500 deductable, and then the policy will pay for everything else. The driver with the lower monthly payment will have to pay the $10,000 before the policy pays for any other needed repairs. While the lower monthly payment can look tempting when choosing a policy, the driver needs to pick a payment and deductible that they can afford. If they do not have a huge amount of money in their savings account, they may want to consider the higher monthly payments as opposed to a large lump sum bill when an accident occurs.


Just like everything else, drivers want to save money on insurance. Having a safe driving record that is perfect or nearly perfect is a great way to get a lower rate. If a driver has traffic tickets or an accident on their record, they will want to do what they can to take those off their record. Making certain that they follow all the rules of the road and drive safely is also an excellent way to keep their record clear of problems. Insurance companies like to insure drivers with clear records because they are normally less risky with their vehicles. Keeping the truck updated and cleaned will also allow the insurance company to see that the driver cares about the performance of the truck and how well it runs. This will show the company that the driver is careful when driving.


Any driver who is looking for insurance knows that they need to get quotes from many different companies. There are companies that will give different discounts for various policies, like life, home, and a second car. Insurance companies are always competing with each other for more business, so taking advantage of that is smart as well. Share one of the lowest quotes with them and see if they can beat it. If they cannot, keep looking. Trying this method with a few companies could lead to an unbeatable rate and deductable that cannot be beat.