The IRS E-Filing Deadline for the Tax Form 2290 Has Been Extended

The IRS Form 2290 is traditionally due on August 31st at midnight, but due to the maintenance it was stopped at 1:00pm EST. Over the Labor Day weekend, the IRS shut down their E-Filing system for maintenance. During this time, taxpayers were not able to E-File the IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes. This E-File shutdown came at a particularly inconvenient time for Truckers, Trucking Companies, and anyone else owning a heavy vehicle. As with most IRS taxes, people often wait until the deadline, and this shutdown caused a serious delay for anyone attempting to E-File this return at the last minute. However difficult this may have been, ExpressTruckTax has made it easy to submit this information to the IRS as soon as they begin processing returns again.

Fortunately, the IRS system will be back up and running at 12:00pm on Tuesday, September 4th. According to a recent letter from the IRS, any Form 2290 returns E-Filed by Friday, September 7th will still be considered on time. The IRS has extended the E-Filing deadline for the Form 2290 from August 31 to Friday, September 7th.

The Form 2290 can still be completed online through ExpressTruckTax. Once all the information is submitted, it will be transmitted to the IRS on September 4th when E-Filing becomes active again. If any truck driver, owner operator, trucking company, or anyone else owning a heavy vehicle still needs to file the Form 2290, they are strongly urged to get it E-Filed this week, or IRS fines and penalties will be incurred.

This tax must be filed by anyone owning a vehicle weighing at least 55,000 pounds using the IRS Form 2290 on an annual basis. This means that every heavy vehicle must be filed for during the months of July and August. Individuals and businesses with 25 or more vehicles are required by the IRS to E-File the return rather than paper filing.

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