Tesla is beginning to prove that the future of trucking may actually be electric

Some were skeptical of Tesla’s ability to break into the trucking industry. Sysco hopes the trucks will help the company save on fuel and maintenance costs and reduce its environmental footprint. While some had doubts about Tesla’s ability to break into the trucking industry before it introduced the Semi, early orders indicate Tesla may beat expectations.

DHL: The transportation and logistics company has reserved 10 Semis to add to its fleet. Ryder: The transportation company reserved an unspecified number of Semis in November. Hunt: The trucking company is set to purchase “Multiple” Semis, but hasn’t revealed the exact number. Flexport: Ryan Peterson, the freight company’s CEO, announced the company has ordered one Semi. JK Moving: The independent moving company has reserved four Semis. Loblaw: After ordering 25 Semis, the Canadian supermarket chain announced plans to make its trucking fleet 100% electric by 2030.

Fercam: Based in Italy, the trucking company has reserved a single Semi. Girteka Logistics: Not to be outdone by Fercam, the European transportation company also announced its plans to invest in one of Tesla’s electric trucks. Fortigo Freight Services: The Canadian logistics company reserved one Semi. Best Transportation: The shipping company also ordered one Semi. Mecca & Son Trucking: According to Jalopnik, this trucking company has reserved one Semi.

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