Secure Funding for New Online Freight Marketplace

It is a software platform called Emerge that allows shippers and carriers to book loads, track shipments and source new capacity in what is being described as a private freight marketplace. In our fifth episode of RoadSigns, we ask: How far can we go in terms of automating freight transactions? Hear a snippet above from Ziad Ismail, chief product officer at digital freight matching firm Convoy, and get the full program by going to “Technology advancements are catalyzing all sorts of changes to how the trucking industry moves freight,” said Will Szczerbiak, a principal at Greycroft in New York. “We have looked at a bunch of other vendors, and Emerge stands in a class of its own when it comes to creating a more delightful and efficient freight-booking experience for shippers, carriers and brokers alike.” CEO Michael Leto said the experience of building a large freight brokerage business at GlobalTranz “has given us the insight to eliminate the real inefficiencies our customers experience.” Emerge is a cloud-based online platform that gives users the ability to manage quotes and load tenders, carrier management, shipment tracking and data analytics, billing and networking with new partners. Together, they built a company that made extensive use of software to help shippers manage their freight. “Even as GlobalTranz grew into a massive success, I always knew there was a need for a private freight marketplace,” Andrew Leto said in the statement from Emerge. “And we have the best team in the industry growing this platform.” Besides Andrew and Michael, Jack Holmes, a retired CEO of UPS Freight, is vice chairman and Grant Crawford, a former FedEx Corp.

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