Sales Trend of Medium Truck Types

With the improvement in the global economy the sales of medium-duty truck is showing an upward trend. According to the medium truck, Navistar this is the time for rising sale competition. The company intends to grab at least 50 percent sales of medium duty truck. The introduction of 2010 spec diesels has got momentum due to this market revival. Navistar’s vision to get half of the class 6 and class 7 vehicles in his account has left all dealers across the globe to make huge sales. However, in August, International trucks have crossed the sales target of Navistar therefore leaving no option for Navistar but to focus on the sales of heavy trucks.
To make Navistar’s dream come true the company has launched new incentive programs which includes big advertisements of the products and sales incentives. One International Dura Star sale is complimented with an incentive of $3000. The product training was laid emphasis on during “Boot Camps” run by the company. Hebe the company president said, they aim for this target sale against a tough competition which includes Cummins Inc. and other builders of medium duty trucks. Since there products and service excel in the market therefore they look at achieving this target.
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Scope for competition: The medium duty trucking companies has lured the builders recently. General Motors and Isuzu were assembling truck of class4 to class7 at its plant in Flinch MI. With the GM’s closure of the plant in 2008, Isuzu business was highly affected and it almost lost the market position in pre 2010 diesels.
If we see the sales number of class 6 trucks it is lesser than class7 trucks. However, the percentage growth of class 6 is much higher than class 7. This figure indicated the increasing trend of the class 6 truck. This growth can be much accounted for the fact that CDL compliance of class 6 drivers and owner operator job is mush less.
The slow sales market of 2009 and emission regulations implied, the introduction of 2011 models in delayed. This is primarily because the builder has enough stock left to last 2010 sales. The truck builder started adding the EPA-spec diesels in their 2010 models and stated them as their 2011 models. The new models which have started now will start as the come 2012 models leaving a very little scope for true 2011 models.
The increase in class 6 models is also because the class 6 drivers can take the available loads as per there wish without any CDL liabilities. 2010 spec diesel freightliners is now available with different exhaust systems to haul different truck bodies. There is a provision of programmable chasis controls.