Safety in the transportation industry

The U.S. transportation industry is responsible for moving cargo and people across the country. This business sector is immensely diverse, encompassing such vehicles as trucks, trains, airliners, and passenger cars; several safety topics are of vital importance to the industry.

The state of transportation infrastructure in the United States is a serious concern for fleet operators across the industry. Outdated or poor-condition infrastructure, including rail lines, road surfaces, and bridges create significant hazards for fleet operators.

It is imperative that fleet operators and transportation companies take safety risks seriously. A culture of workplace safety can dramatically reduce the costs associated with claims, not to mention a reduction in regulatory fines. Implementing safety programs is a smart solution, and many programs include such components as:

  • Driver training and retraining
  • Enhanced recordkeeping, especially of vehicle maintenance and service records
  • Creation of incident management protocols
  • Initiatives designed to ensure regulatory compliance

With a safety program in place and the development of a safety-oriented workplace culture, the transportation industry can continue to deliver goods and personnel efficiently while slashing overhead expenses.

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