Revoke Hauling Authority

Long-haul drivers transport goods in semi-trailers across the country. Drivers can work in a freight fleet for a hauling company, as a self-employed transport hauler or as part of the company that needs the goods delivered to customers. To be able to haul freight, drivers must file an application for an operating authority license. A driver can voluntarily revoke his license when stopping his hauling operation due to retirement or closing of his hauling company. The driver must file a Form OCE-46, Request for Revocation of Registration, with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance division.
Form OCE-46: Request for Revocation of Registration application
Request an OCE-46 application. You can request the form by telephone at 866-637-0635 or by downloading it from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Enter the docket number and the name of the carrier, freight forwarder or broker who has requested the revocation of operating authority. Write in the address of the requesting carrier. Select the appropriate box for which operating authority you have: common, contract or broker.
Write the reason for your request. Print the name of the person who has authorization to submit the request along with a daytime telephone number.
Have the signature notarized or sign it in the presence of an FMCSA staff member. Mail the original form to the FMCSA.