Retailers Turning to Specific-Day Delivery Over Speediest Shipping

Retailers this holiday season are focusing on delivering packages to customers on specific dates, rather than competing on speed of delivery. 

With inflation-conscious consumers now dialing back their online shopping, many retailers are focused on restraining the high costs of fulfillment and last-mile delivery. Inc. set the pace for competition on speed with its investment in next-day and same-day delivery.

Shopify Inc., which provides e-commerce services to retailers, in May gave merchants using its tools the option to display a badge on their websites and social-media channels next to products that can be delivered in five days or fewer. 

The idea is to offer “an anticipated delivery time … whether that is two days or that is three days,” Harley Finkelstein, president of Shopify

Saks Off Fifth, the discount sister of luxury merchant Saks Fifth Avenue, on Wednesday said it would start showing shoppers what day they can expect any given item to arrive based on factors such as their ZIP Code.

Chinese online apparel retailer Shein, known for its low-price and trendy clothing and accessories, suggests that rapid sales growth and superfast delivery don’t have to go hand-in-hand, even in fast fashion. Shein plans to expand its North American business by opening three distribution centers in the U.S., but even those will only speed up delivery by three or four days.

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