Reality of a Truckers

Let’s just pretend for a moment, the trucking industry is perfect, all companies treat their employees wonderfully, all driving schools are reasonably priced and give top notch education, and everyone gets sick time and Holiday pay.

Now, you’re out on the road, you’re driving to meet an appointment. You’ve had to really rush to meet your time, but YOU MADE IT. You’re all ready to get going again and get some more “real good” miles for the week. But wait, the next load doesn’t deliver for 2 days and the destination is only 350 miles away. That’s only 175 miles/day…..or about $75.00/day. So you wait and hope your next load is a better one. It is, but the problem is you have to go 600 miles and deliver the next morning. Guess who’s not sleeping tonight? Oh, and remember you were supposed to be home this weekend? Well, you’re not. The load that was supposed to deliver on Saturday AM, won’t be able to accept until Monday early. You’re now out all weekend sitting, alone, and not being paid. (Remember, you get paid by the mile)

You end up with 2000 miles for the week and gross about $800.00. (That’s $0.40/mile) Take out Taxes, Insurance, Cash Advance for OTR living expenses, etc.. and you end up with about $500.00. You’re still out there away from home and you now have to do it all over again.
This is a reality.

Let’s sum it all up: You’ve spent thousands on your CDL. You’ve tried to be a good employee and get to your appointments on time. You’ve gone over on your logs, got a fine from DOT, a company safety warning, and did not go home for the weekend. Still sound good?

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