OTR vs Regional vs Local Trucking Jobs

When you decide you want to become a truck driver, it’s important that you weigh all of your options. For instance, did you know that you have a choice between over-the-road (OTR), regional and local trucking jobs. Let’s discuss what each of these terms mean and some of their pros and cons.

Over-the-Road or OTR Trucking Jobs

Over-the-road trucking refers to jobs that take you across state lines and all over the country. If there’s a road, and you can drive on it, these jobs will take you there. The good thing about OTR trucking jobs is that they tend to pay quite a bit more than other types of jobs. However, you aren’t home very much and this can put a strain on you and your family.

Regional Trucking Jobs

Regional trucking jobs will take you across a couple of states, but never from coast to coast. So, if the company you work for is based in California, you may take trips to Nevada and Arizona. These jobs tend to pay less than OTR gigs but you will still be home most evenings and won’t be kept away from your family as much.

Local Trucking Jobs

Local trucking jobs usually only have you running about the state, but often even more localized than that. You will definitely be home every evening but you sacrifice the earnings potential that a regional or OTR job would give you.