New partnership will focus on creating greater efficiencies in the transportation industry through technology

TriumphPay, a leading provider of carrier payment, factor management, supply chain finance solutions and Intelligent Audit, a leader in freight audit, business intelligence analytics, and transportation spend optimization solutions, announced a new partnership. We are delighted to be partnering with Intelligent Audit to jointly bring innovation, network scale, and new technologies to a rapidly evolving market, said George Lorenze, VP, North America Business Development at TriumphPay.
Intelligent Audit helps some of the world’s largest businesses reduce transportation costs, enhance visibility and improve transportation execution. It’s the concept of the ‘network effect’ and leveraging the power of a large, networked community on both the shipper and carrier sides and bringing that community together to the benefit of all parties, said Hannah Testani, COO at Intelligent Audit. TriumphPay and Intelligent Audit are bringing those eco-systems together in a new and exciting way to serve our customers better. Both Intelligent Audit and TriumphPay are members of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) and are actively involved in advancing the use of distributed ledgers for invoice presentment, assignment, and payment.
About Intelligent Audit Intelligent Audit is a leading provider of freight audit and recovery, business intelligence analytics, and transportation spend optimization solutions. Intelligent Audit helps customers reduce spend with its best-in-class audit and reporting platform which uncovers opportunities for cost reduction and process improvement. With more than 2,500 clients representing more than $9 billion in aggregate transportation spend across all modes and geographies, Intelligent Audit provides insights that help companies ship smarter.

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