New Autonomous Trucking Company Ike Aims to Bring ‘Some Patience’ to Field

This year has seen its fair share of autonomous trucking news, but the space shows little sign of cooling off. Earlier this month, a new competitor entered the arena, led by a team of industry veterans and backed by a prominent software company.

Ike, the latest company to emerge from stealth in the autonomous trucking world, wants to take a sober approach to developing the technology.

“We’re building a company focused very much on the long-term,” co-founder and CEO Alden Woodrow said. “In autonomous vehicles in particular, there is this tendency to really rush to try to get a product built. We’re trying to bring some patience and some maturity to this problem, in large part because this is a safety-critical technology.

“The trucks that Ike powers will be driving alongside many other people on the road, and we need to make sure they can do that safely and reliably.”

Ike’s name is a nod to President Dwight Eisenhower, who signed the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, enabling the construction of the Interstate Highway System. The company will develop technology strictly for highway driving.

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