National Trucking Associations

Trucking associations provide a wide variety of benefits to members and inform the public about the trucking industry. Many associations accept individual truck drivers and owners of trucking companies as members. The associations offer such benefits as discounts on truck parts, news publications and legal services. Many associations’ websites provide frequent news updates on the trucking industry.
National Truckers Association is a professional organization that informs members in the trucking field about business practices and transportation legislation. Members receive trucking industry news by email, exclusive job listings, private message board and truck insurance discounts. Members also receive information on health insurance companies, truck repair companies and others that offer special services to trucking businesses.
American Trucking Associations is composed of state trucking associations and was founded in 1933. The group reports on legislation that affects trucking businesses, conducts research and promotes educational opportunities to members. The group has 11 committees that focus on different aspects of transportation policy. The committees include the environmental committee, which focuses on environmental issues like air pollution, and the hazardous material committee, which focuses on safely transporting hazardous materials. There are four different kinds of membership, but all members receive a fuel price list, weekly economic newsletter and access to online seminars.
America’s Independent Truckers’ Association was founded in 1997 to provide truckers with general information on trucking as well as discounts on trucking supplies and repair services. The association partners with other companies to offer members and nonmembers such benefits as tire discounts. Membership is not required to access most of the information, but members receive more discounts on products and services. The free information available to the public includes facts about conducting background checks and a directory of attorneys. You can choose from four kinds of membership levels. All members receive prescription drug benefits and roadside assistance discounts. Membership fees range from $59.99 to $180.00 a year.