Motorcycle Trailers

If you have a motorcycle for recreational purposes in addition to your car or truck, you will probably be looking at ways to transport this secondary vehicle when not in use. Motorcycle trailers can come in the form of platforms to be loaded onto a truck bed or hitched trailers that can be towed behind a vehicle. When deciding on motorcycle trailer options, always keep safety in mind.


Motorcycle trailers are used to transport motorcycles safely when not in use. Some motorcycle trailers can be pulled by the motorcycle for additional storage. These trailers come in various sizes and styles, depending on the bike, or in the case of a trailer that tows goods behind a motorcycle, what the bike is equipped to haul.
With some motorcycle trailers, you simply load the bike onto the trailer and then load the trailer onto the bed of a pickup truck. Some motorcycle trailer styles allow you to hook the trailer up directly to the back of the truck, so that the bike can be hooked and transported outside of the vehicle. This is a good option for trucks that do not have a bed. Another option for SUVs and other trucks that do not have a bed is a wheeled trailer that can be hitched to the back.
To haul goods behind your bike, various cargo trailer units are available that can be hitched to the back of your bike. These cargo motorcycle trailers are usually equipped to hold as much as 100 to 200 lbs., depending on your motorcycle.
The cost of motorcycle trailers depends on the type of trailer you are looking to buy and where you buy it. Wooden trailers are generally less expensive, while trailers that are made of metal are more costly. A one-rail trailer is more expensive than a two-rail trailer since the two-rail version can transport two bikes at once.
There are also motorcycle trailers that are surrounded by a full cage for added protection. These trailers are safer, but also sometimes more expensive compared to small, open trailers. You have to really shop around, as the prices for motorcycle trailers vary immensely from retailer to retailer


Keep in mind that when you hitch a motorcycle to your vehicle for transport, you have to have the right connections. Don’t assume that there is a hitch hookup built into your truck. You may need to have someone look at your truck or car before ordering a new motorcycle trailer. If you do not have the correct hookup, you can have it installed for a fee, or attempt to do the job yourself.
Transporting a motorcycle without first assuring that your truck is properly equipped can be risky. Think of the other people on the road, especially drivers who will be traveling behind you on the highway at high speeds. If you have a wheel trailer, you do not want the bike to swerve back and forth while riding, or to veer off into another direction when you make a turn. Even if you have the bike on the bed of a pickup truck, you are risking damage to the bike if it is not properly secured to the trailer.
When you are deciding on a motorcycle trailer, take many things into consideration, including safety on the road, cost, the model of your truck and whether you have the proper hookup. Your most important consideration when purchasing a motorcycle trailer should be safety that of your motorcycle and the people who will be traveling with you on the road.
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