Mid-Michigan towing company fights breast cancer with pink truck

A Mid-Michigan towing company is fighting breast cancer in an eye-catching way.

“The looks and staring, you don’t realize why they’re staring at you until you think about it twice and then you realize you’re in a giant pink truck. It’s kind of an eye catcher,” said Raymond Darabos, driver for Tim’s Towing. Her name is Lady Luck and she brings out the softer side of the men who work at Tim’s Towing in Linwood.

“You have green and yellow trucks then you drive a pink truck. It’s a lot different,” Darabos said.

Lady Luck is a true diamond in the rough story. Her good looks were hidden beneath a coating of rust and disrepair – before the guys at Tim’s spent weeks transforming her into the vibrant pink truck you see today.

“We actually mixed our own color of paint for it. Lady Luck pink and painted everything on it,” said Matthew Ballor of Tim’s Towing.

The inspiration came from Ballor’s grandmother. She battled and survived breast cancer before losing her life to a different cancer later on.

“She went through the whole fight. She was a tough lady. She’d love it. She’d probably want to take a ride in it,” Ballor said.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, 10 percent of the proceeds from every call Lady Luck goes on will be donated to Making Strides for Breast Cancer.

It’s an effort close to driver Darabos’ heart, too. “I have family that have survived and lost breast cancer, so it kind of relates to me also,” he said.

“Once we bring it out there you just hear all these stories how it affected their families. Even themselves just hearing their stories, you’d like to think it helps a customer,” Ballor said.

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